1/2" x 8" Army Green Leather Flogger Handle

1/2" x 8" Army Green Leather Flogger Handle

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Part of the Industrial DisEase Toys' Triple Play Flogger System, the IDE Toys 1/2" x 8" Army Green Leather Flogger Handle has a 1/2" diameter, an 8" length, and an army green garment-quality leather cover wrapping. It can be attached to any one of the flogger heads of IDE Toys' Triple Play Flogger System. Since it is interchangeable with every one of our various Flogger Heads you may possess, you will only need this one perfect handle in your play bag to be able to play with all those different Flogger Heads.
The IDE Toys' 1/2" x 8" Army Green Leather Flogger Handle gives you a completely different feel from our rubber Flogger Handles. The smooth, black, medium-weight ( 3-4 oz), garment-quality leather cover has a soft, resilient feel. When wrapped around the shaft of one of our Leather Flogger Handles, this garment-quality leather cover wrapping gives your handle a comfortable yet sure grip.

This Army Green Leather Flogger Handle uses the thinner, generally lighter 1/2" diameter shaft and is 8" in length, with our army green leather cover wrapping. When you combine our 1/2" x 8" Army Green Rubber Flogger Handle with any of our Flogger Heads , you will be holding a flogger that simply feels great in your hand.

Our Leather Flogger Handles use only cast iron fittings, garment-quality leather cover wrapping and polymer adhesives. While you may not find more than a few of our Flogger Heads that incorporate any leather, our Leather Flogger Handles will give you the feel and scent of leather as you wield one of our Flogger System floggers.

Of course, if you would like a flogger that avoids any kind of animal products, we encourage you to start with our Rubber Flogger Handles, then peruse our Flogger Heads, all but a very few of which also avoid any animal products. When one of our Rubber Flogger Handles is combined with one those Flogger Heads, you can have a completely animal product-free set of one or more floggers!
Name 1/2" x 8" Army Green Leather Flogger Handle
Weight 0.9000
Country of Manufacture United States
Type of Toy Triple Play Flogger System
Handle Length 8"
Material Leather
Handle Color Army Green
Price $30.00

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