Triple Play Flogger System
Triple Play Flogger System

IDE Toys doesn't just make floggers. Our modular Triple Play Flogger System is great, not just for impact play, but also for sensation play, for Violet Wand play, and even for combinations of two, or even all three, of these at the same time. The IDE Toys' modular Triple Play Flogger System includes a wide variety of different, non-traditional, materials as falls for our toys, ranging from metal materials to synthetic rubber, plastics, and natural and synthetic rope.

The IDE Toys' unique modular Triple Play Flogger System comprises separate interchangeable flogger handles and flogger heads. Our modular flogger system separates the business end of a flogger, the falls, from the part of a flogger that is important only to the wielder - the handle - as it's the falls, not the handle, that you play with a flogger for in the first place. As every flogger owner quickly learns, no matter what you paid for it, the most expensive floggers in your toy bag are the ones you never seem to play with because the handles just don't feel right.

With IDE Toys' modular Triple Play Flogger System, any head can be attached to any handle. Moreover, all of our heads are engineered to have the same basic balance and dynamic weight (or in technical terms, the same basic kinetic inertia). In fact, the lightest and heaviest Triple Play Flogger Heads weigh no more than about 10% above or below the average weight of our average Triple Play Flogger Head. So, once you, the wielder, find your perfect Triple Play Flogger Handle, the one that feels right, balanced and lively in your hand with any one of our Triple Play Flogger Head, it will feel that way with all of our Triple Play Flogger Heads.

Each of these different materials create completely different sensations during impact play, sensation play and electrical play. When thrown, these sensations can range from stingy to thuddy, smooth to scratchy, from sharp and bitey to pinchy and grabby. And, these sensations can come in all different kinds of combinations, depending on the material of a given head, sometimes even down to that material's particular finish. And because these materials transmit most, if not all, of the energy you put into the material right into the bottom, it is easy to vary the level of impact, from a light tap or brush to a heavy, even bruising, snap or blow. .


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