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For general inquiries, or anything else that doesn't quite seem to fit any of the following categories, you can always reach us by email at General Inquiries. Otherwise, if your inquiry fits one of the following categories, we truly do look forward to receiving your email. Come on! Don't be shy! You know you want to!

If you are wondering about the status of an online or custom order, please contact us by email at My Order. For a custom order, please contact us by email at Custom Order.

If you a retailer interested in carrying any of our products, if you are wondering if we will be vending at an event that is not on our calendar, if you would like us to vend at your event or any other inquiry regarding sales, please contact us by email at Sales, Events & Wholesale Inquiries.

If you have one of our products and you are having any problems with it or if it has broken, or you have any questions about how to care for or maintain any of our products, or if you have any questions about the design or manufacturing of any of our products, please contact us by email at Product Question/Concern:

If you would like to contact us directly, we can be reached a number of ways:

Industrial DisEase Toys LLC
1111 Lincoln Street
Madison, WI 53711
Phone:(608) 361 - 8534
Fax:(608) 237 - 2267
Email: IDE Toys
Facebook: Industrial DisEase Toys Twitter: @IDEToys
FetLife: IDE_Toys

Kayla. Crowe
Sales Manager/Designer
Email: K.Crowe
Facebook: Kayla Crowe
Fetlife: KCrowe

Production Manager/Designer
Email: MadCubsFan
Fetlife: MadCubsFan

You can also check out our FaceBook page for updates on stock, new products and sales.