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We are artists, sculptors, engineers and scientists. We have been involved in the fetish and science fiction communities for much of our adult lives. We were never quite satisfied with the usual kinds of BDSM toys that we and our friends in the community had to make the best of whenever we and they went to a play party, convention or wherever.

We founded Industrial Disease Toys to make and sell the kinds of BDSM novelties and SteamPunk accessories that we like to play with - unique, sexy, visually interesting and arresting toys that you won't find anywhere else. Toys that look scary, but aren't (necessarily), and toys that look completely innocuous (but aren't); toys that can hurt like hell used one way, and that can create amazingly pleasurable sensations when used another way.

Most importantly, we founded Industrial Disease Toys to implement certain ideas we had about BDSM novelties - that it doesn't make a lot of sense to haul around 20 different toys with 20 different handles, some of which felt "right", and some which, to put it bluntly, suck eggs. If you could find a handle that fit just right, wouldn't it be great to be able to use it with ALL your toys? More importantly, wouldn't it be nice to spend your money on JUST the head, the business part of the toy, the part that counts, rather than mostly on just another pretty handle that isn't quite perfect for you? Because, as we see it, the potential for multiple heads that can be attached to one handled toy gives you the best chance to create or experience a range of different sensations. After all, that's ultimately what we want out of our play, right?

We hope you will be as intrigued and stimulated playing with our toys as we have been in creating, testing and refining them. We play with every one of the toys we create. Because of the materials we incorporate into each of our heads, each head can be used in different ways, using techniques that are as different fromeach other as they are from leather floggers. You can find us at events and conventions around the country manning our vendor booth and giving demonstations, as well as leading presentations on non-traditional material BDSM toys, non-traditional techniques and the science behind non-leather BDSM toys.

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