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Our full-service website is currently under construction. So, for the time being, please enjoy this fun page, which includes a link to our on-line order form. You can use this form until our full-service website is operational.

There are some who call us... IDE Toys , but don't ask us about the average air-speed of an unladen swallow, European OR African.

We appreciate your visit. Please stay awhile, take a look around and explore. Here are a few of our creations:

(Who put that sign up? Somebody find me John Bigboote!)

Ignore that. We're glad you're here, and thanks for sticking around while we're under construction. We promise, our full-service website will be operational as soon as possible!

You can use our online order form knowing that your IDE Toys toys will arive in a few days. The online order form includes includes a full set of instructions for using it.

SHOPPING & SHIPPING While we're under construction, our shopping cart is disabled, but you can still use the online order form. The form, as well as the ordering and shipping process and information are available here. (Note: it should be up in a few days)

CUSTOM ORDERS If you have a custom order, the instructions and email link are here. (Note: it should be up in a few days)

Finally, take note of any easter eggs you might come across. They could be worth your time! Some of the links on this page are dead; HAL might let you know which ones.

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